Definitions for "Access Road"
Access Road will help to model and to learn about the access rights in information systems, with powerful diagrams . First access control models are for operating systems and networks. With UML docs, JavaDoc, user manual.
Access Road helps you model and learn about access rights in complex information systems, by the mean of user-friendly and powerful diagrams. It provides a set of very basic functions for the user, without data update.
A temporary or permanent road over which timber is transported from a loading site to a public road. Also known as a haul road.
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Fauna Palustrine
Forestry Operations & Water Quality] A temporary or permanent entry into a land parcel. Acre [ Forest Stewardship] An area of land measuring 43,560 square feet. A quare 1-acre plot measures 209 feet by 209 feet; a circular acre has a radius of 117.75 feet.
a travelway to provide a safe, fixed route of travel for moving live- stock, equipment, products, and supplies
A temporary or permanent access route.
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