Definitions for "account aggregation"
An online service provided to individuals, allowing them to consolidate a range...
A service that allows customers to electronically access and consolidate personal account information from a variety of unrelated sources through a single user name and password. Useful for banks and brokerage houses as an enhancement of their advisory services and as a component of a customer relationship management (CRM) strategy.
A service that gathers information from many websites, presents that information to the customer in a consolidated format and, in some cases, may allow the customer to initiate activity on the aggregated accounts. Aggregation services typically involve three different entities: (1) The aggregator that offers the aggregation service and maintains information on the customer's relationships/accounts with other on-line providers. (2) The aggregation target or website/entity from which the information is gathered or extracted by means of direct data feeds or screen scraping. (3) The aggregation customer who subscribes to aggregation services and provides customer IDs and passwords for the account relationships to be aggregated.
An investor may pay a lower initial sales charge on Class A Share purchases by taking into account the current market value of any class of American Century Advisor Funds owned by immediate family members.
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A online financial tool that shows you the balances on all your accounts (current account, mortgage, credit card etc) in one place, even though you may have these accounts with different companies.