Definitions for "Active Management"
A portfolio strategy that is set up to provide additional returns by continually repositioning portfolios to take advantage of the most favorable opportunities; A money-management approach that seeks to outperform the market through the application of informed, independent investment judgement. The opposite of passive management, or "indexing" which seeks to replicate market performance through the construction of a portfolio mirroring the composition of the market.
A money-management approach based on informed, independent investment judgment, as opposed to passive management ( indexing) which seeks to match the performance of the overall market (or some part of it) by mirroring its composition or by being broadly diversified. Also, the buying and selling of bonds, as opposed to holding them to maturity. see also management.
Style of investment management, the goal of which is to outperform a particular index or benchmark through asset allocation and/or the selection of specific securities.
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Any prescribed course of action directed towards maintaining or changing the condition of cultural, physical or biological resources to achieve specific Parks Canada objectives.
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Advance/Decline Line After-Hours Trading Agency Bond