Definitions for "Adduct"
Keywords:  midline, abduct, limb, draw, magnus
To draw towards a common center or a middle line.
To draw forward: to bring together similar parts.
To draw toward the midline; Opposite of abduct.
New chemical species AB, each molecular entity of which is formed by direct combination of two separate molecular entities A and B in such a way that there is no change in connectivity of atoms within their moieties A and B. Stoichiometries other than 1:1 are also possible. An intramolecular adduct can be formed when A and B are groups contained within the same molecular entity. Gold, Loening, McNaught and Sehmi, 1987
a chemical that attaches itself to our DNA and stays there a long, long time
An abnormal chemical structure on DNA.
a compound formed by an addition reaction
an addition group or compound
Keywords:  move, horse, body, legs, another
to move toward the body
when one part of the body moves toward another (such as a horse's legs)