Definitions for "Adirondack"
In 2276, this Stellar Consortium vessel (under the command of Josh Greenberg) discovered the tiny forested world of Castor and established diplomatic relations with the ursinoid inhabitants, a race of telepathic bear-like creatures known as Castori. After this encounter, the Castori joined the Consortium.
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a three-sided building with up to eight bunk beds in it
Adirondack is the nickname for Mars Exploration Rover Spirit's first target rock. Scientists chose Adirondack to be Spirit's first target rock rather than another rock, called Sashimi, that would have been a shorter, straight-ahead drive. Spirit traversed the sandy martian terrain at Gusev Crater to arrive in front of this football-sized rock on January 18, 2004, just three days after it successfully rolled off the lander.
The Adirondack is a passenger train operated daily by Amtrak between New York City and Montreal, Quebec. The trip takes approximately 10 hours to cover a published distance of 381 miles, travelling through the scenic Hudson Valley and the Adirondack Mountains. As of June 2006, the price of a one way ticket between New York City and Montreal is USD $59 (Monday to Thursday and Saturday) / $65 (Friday and Sunday), which makes it the cheapest (and the longest) travel option between the two cities.
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an non-adjustable outdoor lounge