Definitions for "AEG"
Automatic Electric Gun - An Airsoft gun that uses a battery-powered electric motor to drive a piston which compresses the air that propels the pellet.
Allgemeine Elektrizitäts-Gesellschaft Electric Supply Company, produced electric motors for U-Boats and other electric equipment
Acronym for Automatic Electric Gun, or Airsoft Electric Gun, depending on your preference.
Abbreviation for "all edges gilt". This refers to a book where all three page-edges of a closed book are decorated with gold leaf.
ALL EDGES GILT. Having been cut smooth, the edges of the book have been burnished, usually with an imitation gold leaf called gilt.
all edges gilt - all page edges have been treated with gold foil to protect them from dust damage
Anschutz Entertainment Group
Active Element Group. Computerized devices which make energy-related decisions, resulting in energy savings. (e.g. thermostats, light sensors, etc.)
See Non-Graded Standings, transcript legend.