Definitions for "Agency Code"
Keywords:  crandon, brd, agnfs, nicolet, nwis
The Code of the entity that collected the data (i.e. the Crandon Mining Company, U.S. Geological Survey, etc.) Agency Code Agency Name 112WRD USGS-Water Resources Division BRD USGS-Biological Resources Division 14AGNFS US Forest Service 12ELS1 US Environmental Protection Agency EPA US Environmental Protection Agency 21WIL Wisconsin DNR 21WIS Wisconsin DNR 21WITIS Wisconsin DNR EXXON Exxon Coal & Minerals Company (Prior to 10-31-93) CMC Crandon Mining Company (From 11-01-93 to 01-31-98) NMC Nicolet Minerals Company (After 02-01-98) UNKNOWN Unknown
An alphabetical, numerical or alpha-numeric code which uniquely identifies a government agency for the purposes of linking that agency to transfers, disposal authorities, etc. Archives New Zealand assigns a code to each government agency with which it has a relationship.
The four character numeric code assigned by the Office of Financial Management to designate the distinct operational units of state government. Agency codes are used for the identification of state agencies. Agencies are to use only the code assigned to their agency unless specified elsewhere in this manual. Refer to AGENCY.