Definitions for "Aggregators"
Aggregators act on behalf of groups of producers to collect producer supplies and sell the gas in commingled blocks to end-users. Prior to deregulation, virtually all Canadian gas in California was provided by two aggregators (Alberta & Southern Gas, which supplied Pacific Gas and Electric Company via Pacific Gas Transmission, and Pan-Alberta Gas which supplied Southern California Gas Company via Pacific Interstate Transmission Company). Aggregators do not take title to the gas but simply find markets and negotiate prices for pools of producers. The largest aggregators still active in the California market include CanWest, Pan-Alberta, and Western Gas Marketing. The term "aggregator" also is used as a synonym for "core transport agent" (see below).
An organization that combines customers into a group to purchase natural gas or electricity services, hoping to achieve volume discounts.
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Brokers who seek to bring together customers to create a "load" so that they can buy power in bulk, making a profit on the sale.
Many small mortgage brokers do not have the monthly volumn to get accredited with each individual bank. Hence, they use the services of a mortgage aggregator who bundles a number of small brokers togethers, giving the combined group enough volumn. Some mortgage aggregators can write +$100m per month in home loans.
Brokers who seek to bring together customers to create a "load" so that they can buy power in bulk, taking advantage of economies of scale.
Aggregators are Web companies such as Yahoo Inc. that combine content or applications from multiple online sources. Recently, a new generation of aggregators has been reselling a potpourri of information to other Web sites and to corporations that operate external or intranet Web sites. Some analysts call this reselling process "syndication."