Definitions for "AGR "
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Advanced gas-cooled reactor
Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactors
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Radar Picket Ship FSS - Fast Sealift Ship
Adjusted Gross Revenue. This plan insures the revenue of the entire farm, rather than an individual crop, by guaranteeing a percentage of average gross farm revenue, including a small amount of livestock revenue. The plan uses information from a producer`s Schedule F tax forms to calculate the policy revenue guarantee. Five continuous years of tax data are used to calculate the average AGR.
Agricultural Supply. Includes uses of water for farming, horticulture, or ranching. These uses may include, but are not limited to, irrigation, stock watering, or support of vegetation for range grazing.
Adjusted Gross Revenues
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AGR is an Amiga Guide file viewer.
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Army Guard Reserve (program)
Active Guard Reserve
Association of Graduate Recruiters