Definitions for "Agreement in Principle"
Mortgages can be agreed in principle so you know that you can get the mortgage you require before you put offers on your new home. Your Agreement in Principle will be the first document provided to you by your mortgage lender which shows any prospective seller that you can actually get a mortgage to cover the purchase price. This can include the lender checking your credit rating and confirming the amount you can borrow. A useful thing to have before you start any serious property hunting.
This is an agreement from a mortgage lender given to an [applicant] showing whether they are willing to offer an [applicant] a [mortgage] or not
a commitment from a lender that they will lend you a specified amount, as long as the property you find is suitable and you are able to verify your income
An outline of the understanding among the parties, including the price and the major terms of a proposed transaction. Is usually put into writing as a Letter of Intent.
An outline of the understanding between the parties, including the price and the major terms. It is often referred to as a letter of intent. Usually, the agreement is subject to the negotiation of a mutually acceptable definitive agreement.
This is also known as a "letter of intent" and is used by two parties to outline the price of a business and some of the larger terms of the transfer of the business. It is not a contract; therefore it is not binding and will be subject to more negotiation.
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APR - Annual Percentage Rate Arrears