Definitions for "Air Space"
A space provided in exterior wall construction to prevent passage of moisture and allow the wall to dry out.
The area between insulation facing and interior or exterior wall coverings; normally a one-inch air gap.
Area between the panes, or layers of glazing of a window.
The volume in a loaded cartridge or shotshell not occupied by the propellant or the bullet, wads or shot. Sometimes called Ullage.
Refers to the internal volume of a subwoofer box and is measured in cubic feet. Every subwoofer has been designed to fit in a box of a certain size for optimum performance, so if you're planning to build your own box be sure you're making it to the exact specifications recommended by the manufacturer.
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the space in the atmosphere immediately above the earth
The space above the surface of land that is owned by the landowner and that may be divided and sold or leased to others.