Definitions for "Airports"
Energy | Finance | Ports Air services agreement Air services arrangements Air traffic control Alliance Available seat kilometres (ASKs) Authorised Capital BAA Beyond rights Bilateral agreements Cabotage Capacity allocation Cargolux Charter services City pair City designation Codesharing Dedicated freight aircraft easyJet Flag carrier Freighter Freight-tonne kilometres (FTKs)'Grandfather' rights Ground handling Hub and spoke network IATA Interlining Joint services agreement (JSA) Landing and take-off slots Load factor Memorandum of understanding (MoU) Network carrier No frills operator Non-scheduled airline Non-scheduled services'Open skies' agreement RESA - Runway End Safety Area Revenue passenger kilometres Revenue pooling Scheduled airline Scheduled services Single aviation market Single designation Stopover rights Substantial ownership Tariff Terminal slot Tonne kilometres available Yield Yield management
Energy | Finance | Ports Amortisation Asset Backing Beta Bond Bonus Issue Book Value Books Closing Date Call Option Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) Capital Index Capitalisation Cash Flow Cash Issues Consolidated Financial Statements Convertible Note Coupon Cum Dividend Current Ratio Debt/Equity Ratio Depreciation Derivative Disclosure Document Discounted Cash Flow Dividend Dividend Imputation Discount Earnings Before Interest,Tax,Depreciation & Amortisation Earnings Per Share (EPS) Enterprise Value Ex Date Ex Dividend Gross Index Hedge Imputation Joint Venture NAV (Net Asset Value) NAV (Fully Diluted) NTA (Net Tangible Assets) NZSE40 Price/Earnings Ratio Prospectus Proxy Put Options Share Registry Split Substantial Security Holder Warrant Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)
Laws which are relevant to the running and organisation of airports.