Definitions for "airwaves"
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the medium of transmission of signals by radio or television stations; by radio transmission; -- used non-technically; as, over the airwaves, i. e. by radio or television.
radio waves used to transmit radio and television broadcasts across free space; also used to describe the connection medium between two wireless bridges.
Also called "spectrum" or the "electromagnetic spectrum"; the medium through which radio or television signals are transmitted. These signals travel through the air (unlike the signals transmitted by telephone or cable wires). Almost every household in America has a television that receives free programming that is sent over the airwaves by local TV or radio stations.
Airwaves is an album released by Badfinger in 1979 on the Elektra label. Anticipated as a comeback album for the group at the time, expectations were not quite realized.
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Airwaves is a brand of chewing gum produced by the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company and sold primarily in Europe and East Asia.