Definitions for "alma "
Atacama Large Millimetre Array
Atacama Large Millimeter Array
Alma is a software workshop for modeling and analyzing. It reads several sources , helps you design for object-oriented modeling , modifies the structure and the code, and outputs new sources, documentation, diagrams, etc.
The Alma was a French automobile manufactured in Courbevoie, Seine, between 1926 and 1929. Only a few cars of this marque were produced. The most significant -maybe the only one - model was called Alma6 or Alma Six referring to the proprietary in-line six cylinder engine of 1642cc used in these two-seater coupés.
The Alma is an 1891 built scow schooner, which is now preserved at the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park in San Francisco, California.
a group of young Latino/a artists striving to bring a new soul and energy to theater
Analytical Laboratory Manager's Association (ALMA). An organization in America
Same as Alme.