Definitions for "Angulation"
Keywords:  stifle, hock, angle, weapon, supinating
Formed from corners; angled.
The angles of the bony structure at the joints, particularly of the shoulder with the upper arm (front angulation), or the angles at the stifle and the hock (rear angulation).
the precise measurement of angles
the tilt of the long axis of a tooth in a mesial or distal direction; see inclination
A body position used to maintain balance whilst edging and skiing downhill, by pushing the knees and hips up into the slope, and tilting the head and upper body to lean out.
the inclination of the blade and sword hand from the arm in order to strike at an oblique target
The deliberate departure from a horizontal passline on the entry side of a rolling mill used for one-side bright rolling.
Curvature of the penis, usually during erection, caused by Peyronie's disease.
Keywords:  keel, ridge, formation, edge, meet
A making angular; angular formation.
an angular formation, ridge, keel or edge where two surfaces meet
Keywords:  corners, act, making
the act of making angulate (having corners)