Definitions for "Antara"
2nd Movement in a composition with the melodic progression generally in the uttarang region of the octave and above
Second section of a raga. Register above and including upper tonic.
the latter half of a kHayAl composition
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Quechua word for a single panpipe consisting of one complete instrument.
The antara is a panpipe of only one tier of pipes of cane of different lengths, which expresses each one a height.
ANTARA is the official news agency of the government of Indonesia. It was founded on December 13, 1937 by Adam Malik, Soemanang, AM Sipahoetar and Pandoe Kartawagoena. It became the country's news agency in 1962.
Son of Prthusravas, in previous births the son of Yajna, also called Usanas, performed 100 horses sacrifices as king
Antara is the equivalent of a verse in Hindustani classical music.
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Within; interior.