Definitions for "Antiques"
The best places to shop for antiques are Chiang Mai and Bangkok. But if you’re desperate to have a look in Phuket, you can find some good shops at the entrance to Laguna resort complex and try walking around the older parts Phuket City. A trip to Soul of Asia is also recommended.
A happy life will be yours if you dreamed of looking at antiques; if you bought them your financial independence will be slower.
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A collectible which is at least 100 years old.
A term loosely applied to all old furniture. It should be confined to periods ending with Sheraton's style in Europe and with Duncan Phyfe's in America.
a major dealer in English and European pottery
an independent reporting service for appraisers, auctioneers, museums, dealers, collectors and the general public
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A desirable item that people like to collect which is from older generations. Items such as antique furniture and salvage.