Definitions for "Appliances"
One of the five major end-use categories in this report. This definition includes appliances and lights used in the home during the year, including those loaned to the householder for regular use. Appliances not currently being used are not counted unless they are temporarily out of working order and a repair person has been called or the appliance has been taken to a repair shop. Refrigerators are a separate end use. (See End Use.)
Devices used in the home to perform domestic chores, such as a clothes dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator, and toaster.
Air Conditioners - Energy Efficiency - Refrigerators - Water Purification System
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This term refers to those objects that are used in connection with the hose lines but are not actually part of the hose themselves. This group contains, gated wyes, siamese, nozzles and deck guns.
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Networked devices such as printers, Java(TM) technology-enabled terminals, and clients, that are managed using applications built using the Java Management API (JMAPI).
Devices and equipment when used as an integral part of a surgical procedure administered by a Medical Practitioner or Specialist.