Definitions for "Arco"
Keywords:  pizzicato, bow, pizz, prog, plucking
Ital. for "bow." Cancels the instruction " pizzicato" ("pizz.").
With the bow
Italian for "bow". Stringed instruments can be played by plucking (pizzicato) or by using a bow. (Now you know what "Prog A77: ArcoAttack" is.)
a dark romantic fijjit from a certain brand of SF
Violin oil vendor.
ARCO (an acronym for Atlantic Richfield Company) is an American oil company that was formed by the merger of East Coast-based Atlantic Refining and California-based Richfield Petroleum in 1966. ARCO is now a subsidiary of BP and is officially known as BP West Coast Products LLC. It's known for having low-priced gasoline compared to other national brands.
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Fix for arriving flights at Nellis AFB, Runway 21. Nellis 355 degree radial at 30 miles
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Decorated arch sometimes placed on the graves or on the altar de muertos.