Definitions for "Array section"
A subobject that is an array and is not a structure component.
A subset of an array specified by a subscript triplet or vector subscript in one or more dimension s. For an array a(4,4), a(2:4:2,2:4:2) is an array section containing only the evenly indexed element a(2,2), a(4,2), a(2,4), and a(4,4).
A subobject (or portion) of an array. It consists of the set of array elements or substrings of this set. The set (or section subscript list) is specified by subscripts, subscript triplets, and vector subscripts. If the set does not contain at least one subscript triplet or vector subscript, the reference indicates an array element, not an array.
Keywords:  portion, selected
a portion of an array that is an array itself
a selected portion of an array