Definitions for "Arya"
A civilized human being, one who lives according to the standards of the Vedic culture.
Sanskrit term for 'Superior being'. Someone who has a direct, or non-conceptual, realization of emptiness. There are Hinayana Superiors and Mahayana Superiors.
Lit. 'Noble'. The inhabitant of Aryavarta or Vedic India. A member of any of the first three castes of Hinduism; some people try to attribute their origin outside India, and distort the history; that Aryans invaded India and drove local Dravidians southwards.
any individual ennobled by his/her own continuing effort on the path to enlightenment.
An individual ennobled by his or her continuing effort on the path to Enlightenment.
Jamshad popularly known as Arya , (born 11 December, 1980) is a Malayalee-born Indian movie actor who has appeared in Tamil films.
Arya (2007) is a Tamil forthcoming film directed by Love Today fame Balasekaran. The movie stars Madhavan, Bhavana, Prakash Raj, Vadivelu, Praveen Kumar, Tejashree and Devan. The film's music is composed by director, Mani Sharma.
Arya (Telugu: ఆర్య) is a Telugu film which released on May 7, 2004 and was directed by Sukumar. This film has Allu Arjun in the main lead. Though Arjun's first film was hit, he wasn't quite recognized by Tollywood.
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Arya was a 64 page monthly review written by Sri Aurobindo (originally with the help and encouragement of Mirra's husband Paul Richard).
Collective name of Angira's sons as opposed by Mleccha