Definitions for "Assertive Community Treatment"
A multi-disciplinary clinical team approach of providing 24-hour, intensive community services in the individual's natural setting that help individuals with serious mental illness live in the community.
A form of treatment that encourages people to stay in the community rather than the hospital, and that tries to bring together different types of approaches, services, and professionals. For example, an ACT team might include a social worker who helps a person with housing, a doctor who gives the person medication, a substance abuse specialist who helps the person to stop drinking, and a vocational counselor who helps the person to find a job.
sometimes referred to as Program of Assertive Community Treatment (PACT), is a team-based approach to the provision of treatment, rehabilitation, and support services. ACT/PACT models of treatment are built around a self-contained multidisciplinary team that serves as the fixed point of responsibility for all patient care for a fixed group of patients. In this approach, normally used with clients with severe and persistent mental illness, the treatment team typically provides all patient services using a highly integrated approach to care.