Definitions for "Associative"
One of the two major ways of mental processing. Associative thought works with objects, and space. Associative processing occurs within the right hemisphere of the brain cortex. Perceiver and Mercy modes think associatively.
Keywords:  recall, relating
relating to or resulting from association; "associative recall"
Keywords:  faculty, tending, leading, quality
Having the quality of associating; tending or leading to association; as, the associative faculty.
characterized by or causing or resulting from association; "associative learning"
Keywords:  retrieve, key, stored, item, container
A type of container that associates a key with a data item when the data is stored and uses the key to retrieve the item.
Keywords:  array, pairs, set, values, named
Array: A named set of values in association pairs.
Keywords:  addition, property
Property of Addition a + (b+c) = (a+b) + c