Definitions for "Athlon"
Keywords:  amd, intel, pentium, processor, piii
AMD's line of processors for PCs and laptops.
A PC processor - AMD, the other leading chip manufacturer's equivalent to Intel's Pentium. Like the Pentium, constantly being upgraded. You will often see a number such as 2700 following the word Athlon, which is a rough measure of the processor's speed - the higher the number, the faster the chip.
The name of AMD's new chip intended to compete with Intel's Pentium III. The Athlon was formerly referred to as the K7. The September '99 issue of PC World claims that the 600MHz Athlon is on average 9% faster than a 600MHz PIII. In graphics tests, the Athlon was 21% faster running 3D modeling software. For comparisons and benchmarks, see AMD's Athlon page.