Definitions for "Ati"
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Automatic task initiation. A CICS task may be started automatically as a result of a START command, IMMEDIATE operand of the RETURN command, a transient data queue reaching its trigger level, or a task initiated because of a BMS ROUTE request.
See automatic transaction initiation.
automatic transaction initiation. The initiation of a CICS transaction by an internally generated request, for example, the issue of an EXEC CICS START command or the reaching of a transient data trigger level. CICS resource definition can associate a trigger level and a transaction with a transient data destination. When the number of records written to the destination reaches the trigger level, the specified transaction is automatically initiated.
Associazione Temporanea di Impresa
The Ati are an indigenous tribe of Negritos on the island of Panay in the Philippines. They are known as the most mobile of the tribes, but are believed to have once lived in more permanent settlements, prior to their becoming nomadic.
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Allied Telesyn Inc
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(Sanskrit) See dzogchen.
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Adjusted taxable income. The sum of your taxable income, but not including items such as eligible termination payments, unused annual leave and long service leave included in any bona fide redundancy payment.
Alternatives To Incarceration
Australia–Thailand Institute
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Arctic Transportation and Infrastructure
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Antenna Tuning Indicator
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Access to Information