Definitions for "ATP"
Available to Promise. The uncommitted portion of a company's inventory or planned production. ATP is maintained as a tool for promising orders to buyers. [Go to source
(adenosine tri-phosphate) The molecule the body uses for energy. Free radicals are required to produce ATP.
Nucleoside triphosphate composed of adenine, ribose, and three phosphate groups; the principal carrier of chemical energy in cells. The terminal phosphate groups are highly reactive in the sense that their hydrolysis, or transfer to another molecule, takes place with release of a large amount of fee energy.
Australian Training Products
Australian Technology Park
Advanced Technology Program of the US’s National Institute of Standards and Technology
ssociation of ennis rofessionals. The ATP are the governing body of the men's professional tennis circuit.
Association of Tennis Professionals, the men's professional circuit
Association of Tennis Professionals; the organization for men's professional tennis.
Arbitrage Trading Program. Arbitrageur ARCH
Astrophysics Theory Program. A grants program administered by Code SR for theoretical astrophysics.
antitampering program
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Adaptive Threshold Processor settings are available on Kodak scanners with ATP boards. They provide automatic image enhancement, which produces cleaner, sharper images. This can increase success rates for bar code recognition and OCR applications, and decrease compressed file sizes.
Available-to-promise is the quantity of a material or part still available to MRP which can be used for new sales orders.
Available To Promise - The amount of stock that can be promised to a customer based on at least a knowledge of the on-hand stock balance, forecast, the Master Production Schedule (MPS) quantity and the booked customer orders into the future.
Acceptance Test Plan. Each Customer Advocate (sometimes individual customers) creates an Acceptance Test Plan as a separate document. Test Cases are generated from the Use Cases and Collaboration Diagrams of the SRS and the Sequence Diagrams of the SDD. The ATP includes document assurance, usability testing and ensures the product matches the customers' expectations. The ATP defines the acceptance test from Use Cases, and includes collaboration and sequence diagrams.
Acceptance Test Procedure.
Acceptance Test Plan. is a compendium of test procedures that may be used to demonstrate compliance with certain specifications.
an Authority to Prospect under the Petroleum Act
Authority to Prospect, a permit granted for petroleum exploration issued by the Queensland Government.
Agreement on the International Carriage of Perishable Foodstuffs and on the special equipment to be used for such carriage. Up to Top
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Atrophy Baby's Butt
Automatic Train Protection
Aircrew Training Program
AppleTalk Transaction Protocol
Assessment & Treatment Planning
Annual Treatment Plan A statutory requirement for Drug Action Teams to produce a plan to address drug misuse, drug intervention and service of provision
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Allied Tactical Publication
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ammunition transfer point
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Able To Pay: one of the categories of customers under the EEC (non Priority) Top of the Page
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Airline Transport Pilot
Authorization to Proceed. Official authority for the contractor to begin work. Usually issued by the procuring contracting officer.
Approval to Proceed, management approval that a project may go on to the next phase
Attach Point. This is the point where new polygons will be started from. Many tools also perform their operations around the ATP. In a new drawing, the ATP defaults to co-ordinates 0,0,0. After creating a polygon, the ATP moves to the co-ordinates of the last point created. If a polygon is selected then de-selected, the ATP will move to the point on the polygon that was selected.
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Apple Transmission Protocol.
See Associate in Transfer Partnership degree
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