Definitions for "AUDITS"
Audits by the Forest Practices Board are conducted in accordance with the auditing standards developed by the Board. These standards are consistent with generally accepted auditing standards. The audits determine compliance with the Code based on audit criteria derived from the Forest and Range Practices Act and the related regulations. The audit criteria were established for the evaluation or measurement of each practice required by the Code. These reflect judgements about the level of performance that constitutes compliance with each requirement.
Actions taken by staff or a third party to help measure a company’s compliance with legislation and internal requirements, and to identify opportunities for improvement. Audits can involve field inspections, interviews with management and document review.
traditional media report of audience size based on internal or external examinations (p. 274)
An examination of records or financial accounts to check their accuracy.
are examinations of a recipient's accounts, records, or other evidence deemed necessary in the circumstances.
Used in the context of marketing research, audits are systematic counts of the amount of product which has passed through a warehouse (warehouse withdrawal audit) or retailer (retail audit).