Definitions for "Automatic Writing"
Unconscious writing produced by a person channeling spirit energies and allowing them to possess their body for a brief period of time in order to communicate.
a form of communication in which a ghost or spirit takes control of a medium and writes a message or answer to a question in their own words and handwriting.
Alleged form of spirit communications in which a " medium" or channeler places a writing instrument upon a blank sheet of paper and allows messages from the spirit world to be written. Characteristically, the writer enters an " altered state of consciousness" and is unaware of the words being written, which may or may not be in their own handwriting. Skeptics feel that the practice is a manifestation of the channeler's subconscious or own unconscious " ESP" abilities.
The ability to freely channel words, music, or art without the interruptive interference of the mind. AUTOSCOPY - The viewing of one's physical body while experiencing astral projection.