Definitions for "backbend"
an acrobatic feat in which the trunk is bent backward from a standing position until the hands touch the floor.
a gymnastics trick
Any pose with an unusual degree of backward bending at the waist and/or spine while standing, kneeling, resting on the floor, or while suspended. backgrab (also called: backgrabbing) -- A term used in rhythmic gymnastics (See: "rhythmic gymnastics") to describe when a gymnast kicks one leg to the rear while standing, grabs the leg from overhead, and ends up in a needle scale position (See: "needle scale"). ballistic stretching -- The use of momentum or "bouncing" to force a limb beyond its range of motion in order to warm up or increase flexibility. Examples would be leg swings or bouncing in splits. Such stretches can be dangerous and may lead to injury, however if done carefully (with light force and small amplitude of bounce), experienced stretchers may benefit from these exercises. Bandha Nritya -- Any of several ceremonial dances with backbending acrobatics, performed in temples in Orissa State, India, originally by girls, later by boys.