Definitions for "Backline"
Keywords:  guitar, amps, bass, amplifiers, drums
Drums, Keyboards, Bass and Guitar amps
The musical instruments needed to be rented for a performance.
Originally, the line or equipment, such as amplifiers, set up along the back of the stage. Stacks of amps/speakers were often used as much for the look they created as the sound they put out, dressing up the stage and giving it a more theatrical appearance. Loosely, backline is now taken to mean all the artist's stage equipment which is not part of the 'sound reinforcement'.
Keywords:  topline, withers, dog, tail, rear
That portion of the entire topline of a dog, beginning at the rear end of the withers and ending at the tail.
The line that runs across the sheet of ice tangent to the back of the 12 foot ring at the centre line.
Refers to line of spellcasters behind the tanks in an attack formation.
Don't Pass Line.
Keywords:  partake, besides, casino, wager, empty
An initial wager placed by a player that chooses not to or doesn't have an empty spot to play at the table that is placed besides a player's bet on the table to partake in the action, subjected to the decisions of that player. Backlining rules, if allowed, are casino specific.
In Australian rules football, the term backline refers to a position on the field. The backline consists of 3 defenders, one in the left back pocket, one in the right back pocket, and one at full-back.