Definitions for "bandwagon"
A popular trend that attracts growing support.
A fallacy that relies on the uncritical acceptance of others' opinions because “everyone believes it.
6,7,8,9 A fallacy in which one is attracted to a popular party, faction or cause that attracts growing support; following the crowd rather than using evidence to justify a conclusion.
A large ornate wagon for carrying a musical band.
Bandwagon is a half-hour music program featuring traditional dance music, most notably polka, performed with in front of a studio audience dancing along. The program is produced and broadcasted by KEYC-TV in Mankato, Minnesota. The show is currently in its 46th year, making it possibly the longest-running televised music program in the world.
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a moving metropolis at this point
a suggestion that everybody is using a good or service.
A set of documentation and scripts to install, configure, and manage the open-source darwin OS for use in a compute cluster environment.