Definitions for "Basketry"
Keywords:  bark, chitimacha, papago, pomo, woven
Typically small baskets made of whale baleen that has been cut into strips and then woven. A 20th-Century creation for trade purposes. Most baskets include a lid with carved ivory handle, and are very collectible.
Most often made of birch bark, grasses or woven splints. Sometimes embellished with moose hair embroidery, porcupine quills or designs chewed into the bark by the weaver. Not especially collectible, except in their indigenous regions.
Typified by Chitimacha or Cherokee work, a twilled plaiting style using river cane. This work is usually adorned with geometric patterns, though symbolic representations of animal and spirit forces are not uncommon.
Keywords:  craft, making
the craft of basket making
Keywords:  skill, practice, making
the skill and practice of making baskets
Keywords:  taken, art, collectively, making
The art of making baskets; also, baskets, taken collectively.