Definitions for "Bata"
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(bah tah) is the name of a set of double headed hourglass shaped drums originating in Nigeria. These drums and their rhythms, dances and songs were recreated in Cuba by slaves and their descendants during the colonial era. Traditionally, bata drumming is part of the Nigerian religion known in Cuba as Lucumi (lu ku mee) or Santeria. (sahn tehr ee ah) The rhythms, dances and songs are used to salute, praise, invoke and give voice to African dieties called Orisha (or ee sha.) There are hundreds of Toques ( toh kays) - "beats" or rhythms - that are played on the bata drums. Since the 1970's, bata drums and some of their rhythms have become introduced into popular Caribbean and American culture through Latin Jazz. In Nigeria bata are played in sets of 4 or 5 drums and in Cuba, 3 drums are used.
(bah ta ) is the name of a set of drums originating in Yorubaland (Nigeria) and found primarily in Cuba. Since the 1950's they have spread around the world and are now common in the USA. In Nigeria five or more drums are used as a set and in Cuba and the rest of the world three drums are used. Their primary function is to call the Orisha (deities of West African origin) at religious ceremonies involving sacrifice, dancing, singing and spirit possession. Participants receive blessings and consultations with the Orisha. Bata drums are now common in Salsa and Latin Jazz.
Bata (Bataireacht or Uisce Beatha Bata Rince in Irish) or Irish stickfighting is a traditional martial art of Ireland. Often associated with hurling gangs and faction fighters, it was recently dramatised in Gangs of New York, and classically by Irish author William Carleton in "Traits And Stories of The Irish Peasantry". The stick (or "bata") is a specific weapon called a shillelagh ("sha-lal-ee") - "bata" is a general term which can mean any kind of stick and calling stick-fighting "bata" is a modern practice used for general clarity.
In Egyptian mythology, Bata (also spelt Bat) was originally a deification of the Milky Way, which, since it was in early times considered a pool of cow's milk, made Bata be considered a cow goddess. She was originally worshipped in Seshesh, the 7th nome of Upper Egypt, where she, as a representation of the cosmos, was thought of as the essence of the soul. Hence her name, which is the feminine form of the word ba, the spiritual element that Egyptians considered to constitute one of the major parts of the soul.
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a Chadic language spoken south of Lake Chad
Major international shoe manufacturer; formally known as the Bata Shoe Organization. During the 1960's and 1970's, they marketed their sneakers under the Bata name. The Bata Shoe Organization now uses the brand name POWER for their athletic shoes. One of their best remembered models is the Bullet.
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