Definitions for "Beds"
(Geology) Layering of sheet-like units, the smallest distinguishable division within the classification of layered sedimentary rocks.
the smallest division of a series of layered sedimentary rocks.
The different layers of sedimentary rocks.
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single bed, double bed, twin bed, king-size bed, queen-size bed, panelled bed, four-poster bed, feather bed, Colonial bed, canopied bed, Empire bed, day bed, chaise longue, convertible sofa, sofa bed, futon, divan, davenport (US), bunk bed, crib, cot, cradle, berth, hammock, foldaway bed, zed (or Z) bed, camp bed, truckle (or trundle) bed, water bed, bedstead, headboard, footboard.
The number of beds in a ward or department refers to staffed beds used overnight Care pathway This term describes all the processes of diagnosis, treatment and care that a patient goes through, on a step-by-step basis from first contact
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A block of ground no more than 120cm (4') across, and of any length, though for practicality, this is usually kept at no more than 250cm (8'). Growing crops in beds has a number of advantages over the older row method, including: it allows closer spacing, because there is no need to allow space for walking between the rows the ground in the bed is never compacted by walking on it, so the soil becomes easier to work fertiliser and other treatments are not wasted on areas where nothing is growing easy access to all sides of the crop
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A bed is a piece of furniture to lie down on and go to sleep. Most beds have a mattress that sits on top of a box spring.
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gardens of plants, vegetables