Definitions for "Bells"
Often used as ritual tools. They can be used to invoke directional energies, to ring in the sunrise on a Sabbat, or to frighten away faeries and baneful spirits.
Ringing bells, large or small tell us that services are about to begin, remind us of special prayers and tell us of that special moment of consecration of the bread and wine on the altar are taking place.
Used to summon the faithful to worship. They are rung at certain pro­gressive points in the Service, while the Holy Gifts are being consecrated, during processionals and are tolled in mourning for the dead.
Small bells, usually of brass, nickel or stainless steel. Bells are attached to a hawk's leg by a bewit, to the Aylmeri bracelet, to the tail on a tail mount, or around the neck on a halsband. The bells alert the falconer to the bird's location in the field.
Bells is the first episode of the second season of the BBC sitcom Blackadder. The second season was set in Elizabethan England from 1558 to 1603.
For djembe bells see kesingkesing. For dunun bells see kenken.
Two bells (one forward, one aft) which are struck every half-hour in a certain manner to mark the passage of the watches.
Bells are used for clearing, protection and activation. Hang bells from an entrance door to 'announce' anyone entering. Bells have been used throughout history as harbingers of news. Not only will it announce people but the beautiful sounds will attract pleasant feelings and represent further beauty within one's homes and environment.
The old method of announcing the time aboard was by means of striking the ships bell every half hour. Thus each watch of four hours was measured by the bell being sounded a total of eight times, each time with one more strike. Thus eight bells signified the change of the watch.
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See Sanctus Bell; Sacristy Bell.
A rotating head that is shaped to deliver paint forward in a circular pattern. The bell may be directed at any angle and be moved on robots or reciprocators, just as spray guns are.