Definitions for "Berimbau"
Keywords:  capoeira, brazilian, roda, bow, gourd
a Brazilian instrument with African origins, the berimbau de barriga is a simple stringed instrument attached at its base to a hollowed out gourd, which acts as a resonator. The berimbau is closely associated with Brazil's black slave culture, and in the 1800s was intimately tied into the music of the martial arts style known as capoeira (see below). The revival of the berimbau as a popular instrument in the 1960s and '70s was in part a move to align the popular music of the times with Brazil's folkloric past. There is an excellent essay on the history of the berimbau on N. Scott Robinson's World Music Percussion website.
A bow-like percussive instrument which dictates the tempo of the music and consequentially the tempo of the capoeira game.  Commonly three types of berdimbau are present in the roda, the gunga, the medio, and the viola or violinha…” (Capoeira, 1995: 143).
a brazillian instrument used to create rhythm in a capoeira roda