Definitions for "Bertha"
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A kind of collar or cape worn by ladies.
deep round collar worn below shoulders on women's dresses.
Deep collar usually of lace worn at and around the shoulders. Typical of mid 19th century
Bertha is an opera in one act by Ned Rorem to an English libretto by Kenneth Koch, an original work parodying Shakespeare’s histories. It was first performaned at Alice Tully Hall in New York City in 1973.
a generic blonde or bleach blonde otherwise known as a barbie" said Johnny Hollywood with another dose of monitone drone words
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A German long range gun, esp. one of those used by the Germans to bombard Paris. Named perhaps after Mme. Bertha Krupp, friend of the Ex Kaiser.
"Bertha" is a song by the Grateful Dead, written by Jerry Garcia with lyrics by Robert Hunter. It is one of the most popular of the band's songs, and has been covered by numerous other bands. The "Bertha" of the title refers to a floor fan which was unbalanced and would seemingly 'chase' the band members about the studio.
When a player accidentally moves a 6-5 roll from the 24 to the 13 point without having observed that his opponent has secured their 6 and 7 points. A Bertha is an illegal play but will stand if it goes
When a player is accidentally moves a 6,5 roll from the 24 to the 13 point without attention that his opponent has secured the 6 and 7 point.
To mistakenly play a 65 from the twenty-four point without noticing that your opponent has made his 6- and 7- points thus blocking you in.
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Bertha is a British stop motion animated children's television series about a factory machine. It was made from 1985 to 1986 and was first aired on 1 April 1985 by the BBC. It was aimed at pre-school children.