Definitions for "Betrayed"
Betrayed is a 1988 motion picture drama directed by Costa Gavras, written by Joe Eszterhas and starring Tom Berenger and Debra Winger.
Betrayed is a 1954 war drama film made by MGM. It was directed by Gottfried Reinhardt, from a screenplay by Ronald Millar and George Froeschel. The music score was by Walter Goehr and Bronislau Kaper, the cinematography by Freddie Young.
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Betrayed was a straight edge hardcore punk band comprised of former members of Champion and Carry On. Betrayed started as a side project before it became a full time band. They played numerous shows in their short existence including Carry On's final shows.
Betrayed is the second album by the Dutch death metal band Polluted Inheritance. The album was released in 1996 on DSFA Records.