Definitions for "BEVERAGES"
Keywords:  alcopops, milkshake, chai, rtd, lagers
Beer & Cider – all beers including ales, stouts, lagers, etc., including low alcohol and alcohol-free beers; all alcoholic (hard) cider. Beverage Concentrates & Mixes – all types of concentrates, cordials and mixes for soft drinks, including liquid and powder forms, plus milkshake mix. Carbonated Soft Drinks Energy & Sports Drinks Flavoured Alcoholic Beverages – including "alcopops" and packaged pre-mixed alcoholic drinks. Hot Beverages – all coffee and tea products (excluding ready-to-drink/iced varieties), hot chocolate, cocoa and malted drinks, fruit teas and infusions, tea and coffee substitutes, chai mixes. Other Soft Drinks – including still health drinks. RTD Iced Tea & Coffee – all liquid/ready-to-drink coffees, teas and iced teas. RTD Juices & Juice Drinks – all ready-to-drink juice-based products, fruit nectars and pure juices. Spirits & Liqueurs – including pre-mixed products e.g. gin & tonic. Water – including flavoured water. Wine – including sherry, port and other fortified wines.