Definitions for "Bi-Level Positive Airway Pressure"
Keywords:  exhale, bipap, inhale, airway, mask
bi' -pap] BLPAP; Bi-PAP Two different pressure levels, for inhalation and exhalation, introduced through the nasal cavity to produce a pneumatic splint to prevent the upper airway from obstructing, but allowing for unefforted exhalation. Term: Definition: Description: . . . .
a machine which administers air under pressure via a nose mask to keep airways open and unobstructed. Respironics' (BiPAPĀ®) units track the patient's breathing and lower the pressure during exhalation.
( BiPAP) - is a technique that is often used to treat sleep apnea and to provide airway support with a face mask rather than tracheal tube that is attached to a mechanical ventilator