Definitions for "BIO"
A short paragraph, usually less than 100 words, that tells about the writer.
usually a short 2 sentence description of the writer in the 3rd person.
a short biographical sketch of yourself to go at the bottom of an article. Write it in the 3rd Person. E.g., Dawn Copeman is a freelance writer based in England. Prior to becoming a writer she was a teacher of modern languages, a skill which certainly helped her to learn the new vocabulary of her new career.
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biological, child born to parent; term is usually used only on adoptive parent e-mail lists and groups, not IRL.
Bio is the tagger name of Wilfredo Feliciano (born April 20, 1966). He started painting graffiti on New York City subways in 1980, and is one the founding members of the world famous Tats Cru "The Mural Kings."
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The condensed story of a model's life - basically a resume with particular jobs highlighted.
Short for "biography". A resume in narrative form, usually for a printed program or press release.
A press release that contains the biographical history of the Artist.
An implementation of the CHARMM (Chemistry at HARvard Macromolecular Mechanics) force field, developed in the group of Martin Karplus at Harvard University. A molecular mechanics method, or force field, for chemical calculations. Developed for proteins.
A prefix derived from bios and used in scientific words to associate the concept of "living organisms." Usually written with a hyphen before vowels, for emphasis or in neologisms; otherwise usually without a hyphen.
prefix meaning "biologically based", often attached to various verbs and nouns (e.g., bioprocessing, biofactory) in a biotechnology context.
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Bio can be low cost locally available renewable energy source.
NBS/ISCC Source(B): Colour Terminology in Biology, H.A.Dade
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Drugs Bitchweed Drugs
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All which is built according to the criteria BIO guarantees that the product has anti-bacterian peculiarities.
Basic Input/Output. Used by OpenSSL "to provide a layer of abstraction for I/O. As long as your object meets the BIO interface, it doesn't matter what the underlying I/O device is." --Rescorla, p. 261
printing TM BIOprinting is a biological quality control procedure that describes the signal transduction pathways affected by a particular extract or compound.
An acronym used by a player when he or she needs to leave the console to visit the restroom.
an instrument designed to visualise the interior of the eye, with the instrument at armâ€(tm)s length from the subjectâ€(tm)s eye and the observer viewing an inverted image through a convex lens located between patient and instrument
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Biography NAP Not Affected Play (records)
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(combining form from Greek bios — mode of life) living organism or tissue.
life, of living beings, biological
Beneficiary Insurance Option. A rider attached to a single life policy that allows a beneficiary to purchase a life insurance policy upon the insured's death. The new policy may be issued based on the beneficiary's age at the time the original policy was issued. Policy size is generally a multiple of the original face amount, up to a specified maximum. Upon the death of the original insured, the policy's proceeds are used to offset the reserves necessary to establish those required on the new policy. For instance, if the original insured's death occurs in the 20th year, the beneficiary's new policy requires reserves equal to those of a 20 year-old policy.
Sideways spin (Preferably horizontal).
Business Intelligence Optimization
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Biotechnology Industry Organization
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A slang term for biography.
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Biotechnology. Corporate fund.