Definitions for "Blacksmith"
A smith who works in iron with a forge, and makes iron utensils, horseshoes, etc.
A craftsman who makes or repairs iron goods.
A crafter of iron and steel. This term is sometimes inaccurately used as a synonym for farrier. Because modern farriers craft steel horseshoes, they are indeed blacksmiths. But not all backsmiths are farriers.
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Blacksmith is a monster truck that races on the USHRA Monster Jam circuit. It is currently owned by Pablo Huffaker and is driven by Ryan Huffaker and Aaron Basil, although Pablo, who normally drives Grave Digger 16 is usually invited to drive it at the Monster Jam World Finals. The truck primarily tours with Grave Digger 16.
A fish of the Pacific coast (Chromis punctipinnis, or Heliastes punctipinnis), of a blackish color.
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"Blacksmith" is a song by the artist Loreena Mckennitt.
an artisan specializing in the hand-wrought
The blacksmith is a juggernaut style character that relies on raw power and a high tanking ability to crush though the opposition. Its main weakness is the delay after its attacks, which leave it open to gripping and other players that specialize in gripping.
To see a blacksmith in a dream, means laborious undertakings will soon work to your advantage.
a very important member of a pioneer settlement
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a master in the art of metal working
a person who shapes metal into valuable products
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a traditional trade