Definitions for "Block Printing"
A method of printing used during the 15th century. It involves carving all text and images to be printed onto a page into a block of wood. The block is then inked and used to print pages. The process invariably ruined the blockpreventing it from being used in reprints.
First this you make a raised surface; sometimes by either deductive processes- like cutting into linoleum sheets or potatoes- and sometimes by additive process- like gluing string or cut-out thick sheets of card. Next, you layer thick ink or paint onto the raised surfaces, and press onto paper. When you pull up you see only those parts which were raised in your design. | list | close this window
a printing technique where a design is carved into a wooden block. The raised area is coated with ink and prints the design on fabric or paper. It is similar to modern day "stamping".