Definitions for "Boarder"
One who has food statedly at another's table, or meals and lodgings in his house, for pay, or compensation of any kind.
An individual residing with a household who is paying reasonable compensation to the household for lodging and meals or is in foster care. See: Assistance Units - Food Assistance; Income -- Special Income Types - Self-employment income - General Rules; and Clarifying Information regarding boarder
A person who rents a room or part of a house from the owner or the tenant, but is not themselves a tenant. Not covered by the Residential Tenancies Act.• Tenancy - Other• Tenancy - Residential Tenancies Act
Abbreviated version of "wakeboarder".
A shorter version of "wakeboarder".
Slang term for a wakeboarder.
Keywords:  aboard, repel, ship, enemy, selected
One who boards a ship; one selected to board an enemy's ship.
someone who forces their way aboard ship; "stand by to repel boarders"
Keywords:  pupil, school, lives, time, term
a pupil who lives at school during term time
a resident non-member who contributes to the collective