Definitions for "braided"
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Braided is a new musical group consisting of Casey Le Blanc, Ashley Leitao, and Amber Fleury, who all competed on the third season of Canadian Idol in 2005. They are the first music group to come from an Idol show in the world. Ashley Leitao came in 9th, Amber Fleury came in 8th and Casey LeBlanc finished in 5th.
Irregularly fluid linear markings that are interwoven and branching, as the stripes on a tiger. Characteristic of some tabby markings found on the Toyger.
Braided - Branching and rejoining repeatedly to form an intricate pattern or network of small interlacing stream channels.
A network of small, shallow, interlaced streams derived from a single river; formed after the original stream had deposited sediment, dividing and forming new channels.
Keywords:  muti, swatches, 'rag, sewn, ovals
Rugs made from braided yarn, often made of 'rag' or muti-colored fabric swatches, that are then sewn into concentric circles or ovals.
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adorned with braid; as, his braided collar.
Keywords:  strands, three, form
to form (three or more strands) into a braid.
Keywords:  hair, formed
formed into a braid or braids; as, braided hair.