Definitions for "Braiding"
A textile process where two or more strands, yarns or tapes are intertwined in the bias direction to form an integrated structure.
Exterior dressing of tapes and cords
The interwinding of three or more strands to make a cord or narrow fabric.
Successive division and rejoining of riverflow with accompanying islands.
Braiding is another attachment method used to attach additional hair to your own. With braiding the existing hair is braided in long rows and hair extensions are sewn to the rows. This method pulls on the already fragile hair and can causes it to come out even faster.
A method of interlacing yarns or rovings (according to ISO/DIS 13922).
Braids, collectively; trimming.
trimming used to decorate clothes or curtains
A branched section of a river consisting of multiple parallel river channels.
the formation of multiple small channels of water running through sediment in streams and rivers. Braiding is characteristic of rivers that carry a heavy sediment load.
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Weaving fibers into a tubular shape.
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The act of making or using braids.