Definitions for "Britannia"
The Roman name for 'Great Britain'. Just as Germania was Germany and Hibernia was Ireland. Britannia was first represented on Roman coinage by a lady usually holding a shield and with a sea behind her. British coins have featured many different style Britannia's over the years and the only currently circulating Britannia can be seen on the back of the UK 50p coin.
n. The United Kingdom of Great Britain.
A traditional depiction of Britannia was the main feature of the LNWR coat of arms. It seems unlikely that it was patriotism which led the former Crewe apprentice, Riddles, to take the name "Britannia" for the first standard express locomotive introduced by British Railways.
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A white-metal alloy of tin, antimony, bismuth, copper, etc. It somewhat resembles silver, and is used for table ware. Called also Britannia metal.
A composition of tin, copper and antimony.
Britannia is a neighborhood and also a street in the west end of Ottawa, on the Ottawa River across from Aylmer.
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(Britannia Mortgage) The big yacht that the Queen use to swan around the world on OR the 2nd largest building society in the UK with 2 million members. And they won Customer Magazine of the Year Award 2004
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A UK firework brand from the same company as BLUE MOON.