Definitions for "Bulk Density"
Mass per unit volume of soil (sampled as a clod or core), dried to constant weight at 105°C. The unit of measurement is usually grams per cubic centimetre. Bulk density is a measure of soil porosity, with low values meaning a highly porous soil and vice versa. Bulk density may be used as an indicator of the structural condition of the soil, with low levels indicating a better state of aggregation than high levels. The range for soils in natural condition would typically be from 1 to 2 grams per cubic centimetre.
Mass of dry soil per unit volume. Bulk volume determined before drying to constant weight at 105°C. Usually expressed in g ml –1. Of soil weight per unit volume.
Measurement of a sample's mass (weight) per unit volume of space that the sample occupies. Bulk density varies with particle size, moisture content and compacting of the sample.