Definitions for "Burned"
ruined by overcooking; "she served us underdone bacon and burnt buscuits"
injured by intense heat (as of fire or the sun); "his cracked, black burned lips"
treated by heating to a high temperature but below the melting or fusing point; "burnt sienna"
hardened by subjecting to intense heat; "baked bricks"; "burned bricks"
When a case officer or agent is compromised, or a surveillant has been made by a target, usually because they make eye contact.
An image is said to be burned when its original gamut considerably exceeds the target gamut, or when the result of processing considerably exceeds the image's gamut. In other words, an image is burned when it contains uniform blobs of color, black, or white where there should actually be detail.
Over-dried, partially calcined gypsum board.
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Discarded; what is done to the top card after the deck is cut so that the player can't see it's value.
the top card in the deck after it's been split is thrown away (burned), this way the players cannot see its value.
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having undergone oxidation; "burned powder"
taint caused by extreme over drying during manufacture.
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Refers to a CD copy of another CD. The term burned comes from the way in which the data is written on the CD copy, burned in by laser.
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See Burnt.