Definitions for "Business process automation"
Keywords:  workflow, bpa, bpi, automate, bpel
BPA is often used as a synonym for BPI and certainly requires integration. However, it may not include support for long-running processes or manual processes. BPA tools generally focus on automating transactions that cross multiple applications. They may not support long-lived transactions that take hours, days or weeks to complete. If you want to automate an end-to-end process that will run in a lights-out environment, then BPA is probably what you're looking for.
The use of computer-based information technology (specifically workflow technology) to automate the steps in a business process, coordinate the assignment and distribution of work items and information among individuals, and manage the completion of tasks, activities and ultimately business processes.
The use of software to automate business processes. Techniques used for BP automation include workflow, XML, and EAI.